Printing Glossary of Terms

Gang.To reproduce two or more printed pieces or multiple copies of the same piece simultaneously on one sheet of paper. Also, to halftone or separate more than one image in only one exposure.

Gather. To assemble signatures into the proper sequence for binding.

GBC binding- General Binding Corporation trade name for plastic comb binding.

Generation.A first generation image is the original; second generation is made from the original; third generation is made from the second generation. Print on this page is fourth generation: type (first), negative (second), plate (third), print (fourth).

Ghost halftone. Halftone that has been screened to produce a very faint image.

Ghosting. Phenomenon of a faint image on a printed sheet where it was not intended to appear.

Gloss. Characteristic of paper, ink, or varnish that reflects relatively large amounts of light.

Glossy. Photographic print made on glossy paper.

Goldenrod.Alternate term for Flat.

Grade. One of seven major categories of paper: bond, uncoated book, coated book, text, cover, board, and specialty.

Grain.In paper, the direction in which fibers are aligned. in photography, crystals that make up emulsion on film.

Grain long or grain short.Paper whose fibers parallel the long or short dimension of the sheet.

Graphic arts.The crafts, industries, and professions related to designing and printing messages.

Graphic arts film.Film whose emulsion responds to light on an all-or-nothing principle to yield high contrast images.

Graphic arts magnifier.Lens, mounted in a small stand, used to inspect copy, negatives, and printing.

Graphic designer.Professional who conceives of the design for, plans how to produce, and may coordinate production of a printed piece.

Graphics. Art and other visual elements used to make messages more clear.

Gravure. Method of printing using etched metal cylinders, usually on web presses.

Gray scale. Strip of swatches of tone values ranging from white to black used by process camera operators to calibrate exposure times.

Gripper edge.Edge of a sheet held by the grippers, thus going first through a sheetfed press.

Groundwood paper. Newsprint and other inexpensive papers made from pulp created by grinding wood mechanically.

Gusset. Expandable portion of a bag, file folder, or envelope.

Gutter. Space between columns of type where pages meet at the binding.

Hairline. Very thin line or gap about the width of a hair: 1/100 inch.

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