Printing Glossary of Terms

Fake duotone.Halftone in one ink color printed over screen tint of a second ink color.

Fast film.Film that requires relatively little light to record an image.

Film coat. Paper with a very thin coating.

Film laminate. Thin sheet of plastic adhered to printed paper for protection.

Filter.Colored glass or gelatin used to reduce or eliminate specific colors from light before it strikes film or paper.

Final count.Number of printed pieces delivered and charged for.

Fine screen. Screen with ruling of more than 150 lines per inch.

Finish. Surface characteristic of paper.

Finishing. Inclusive term sometimes used for all bindery operations.

Finish size.Size of printed product after production is complete.

Fixer.Chemical that prevents deterioration of images on photosensitive paper.

Flat. in photography, characteristic of an image that lacks contrast. In printing, an assembly of negatives taped to masking material and ready for platemaking.

Flexography. Method of printing on a web press using rubber plates with raised images.

Flood.To cover a sheet with ink or varnish.

Flop.To reproduce a photograph or illustration so that its image faces opposite from the original.

Flush cover. Cover that is trimmed to the same size as inside pages, as with paperback books.

Flute. Paper pleat between the walls in corrugated cardboard.

Foil emboss. To foil stamp and emboss an image.

Foil stamping. Method of printing on a letter press using thin metallic or pigmented film and a die.

Form. One side of a press sheet.

Format. Size, shape, and overall style of a layout or printed piece.

Formula pricing.Printing prices based on standard papers, formats, ink colors, and quantities.

Fountain. Reservoir for ink or water on a press.

Fountain solution.Mixture of water and chemicals that dampens a printing plate to prevent ink from adhering to its non-image area.

4-color process.Technique of printing that uses the four process colors of ink to simulate color photographs or illustrations.

Free sheet. Paper made from cooked wood fibers mixed with chemicals and washed free of impurities.

French fold.Two folds at right angles to each other.

Fully saturated.Photographer term for rich color.

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