Paper Card Printing

Paper card printing price list

Paper Card Printing Description:

The paper card is a kind of new product, and it's good for environment protection. It tends to replace the PVC material card progressively and is applied in the industry of fast consumption goods and entertainment, such as game, audio. The advantage of low cost, simple way to product is accepted extensively in society.

Paper card can be widely used, rechargeable phone card made with paper is a good example. Rechargeable phone card among market is plastic and invaluable except the code. It will become an environment problem because the card can't disintegrate after people finish using it. Compared with rechargeable phone card, paper card is “green card” which is good for environment protection.

For the security of rechargeable paper phone card, customers can gain the number and code of the card through net. There are many kinds of cards, like IP card, IC card, 201 card, net card and so on.

There are a large number of net card among phone card. These plastic cards which made with PVC material bring rubbish that can't disintegrate. In order to decrease the number of the plastic card in society, some card producing companies begin to present replacing way.

Rechargeable paper phone card is safe and convenience. The card has the same appearance as the cryptogram from bank, in the middle of the card is the sealed latticed paper; it has a code when tearing the outside paper. The place and time of the card is made are printing on the card. Some places can print 500yuan of rechargeable value.

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