Contactless IC Cards

Contactless IC Cards printing price list

Amount 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
Price $545 $675 $955 $1720 $2345 $3450 $6465

Contactless IC Cards Description:

The Contactless IC card is also called the radio frequency and nipped.Made up of IC chip , reaction aerial. Encapsulation is in a standard PVC card.The chip and aerial do not have some of any exposure.

Mifare 1S50/Mifare 1S70/ FM11RF08
Chip: Philips Mifare 1S50

Memory capacity: 8Kbit, 16 subarea, 2 groups password per subarea

Work frequency:13.56 MHZ

Communication speed: 106Kboud

Read-write distance: 2.5- 10CM

Read-write time: 1-2MS

Work degree: -20℃ -85℃

Eraser times: > 100000 times

Data saved time: > 10 years

Specification: 0.87*85.5*54/ non-standard cards

Encapsulation materials: PVC 、 PET 、 0.13 copper cash

Encapsulation craftworks:

Making Standard: SO 14443, ISO 10536

Application range: Enterprise/Schoolyard---bud card, speedway, park and management for the small garden and etc contactless samrt card chip

FM11RF08 is the contactless smart card chip developed by shanghai FM Co.,Ltd..It takes 0.6um CMOS EEPROM processing technology. The chip has 1K 8Bits EEPROM organization, and is a true multi-application smart card with the functionality of a processor card realized with hardware logic, and also has a very high security performance with the encryption and communication circuit ,so FM11RF08 can be especially tailored to meet the requirements of a payment card which can be used for ticketing systems in public transport and comparable applications

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