Manual Personal Plastic Card Character Embosser

Manual Personal Plastic Card Character Embosser Description:

It is operated by inserting a card into the unit and selecting the embossing start position and line to be embossed. This position is indicated on a dummy card mounted on the side of the unit. The characters to be embossed are then selected one at a time from the character dial and embossed by pulling the lever on the side of the unit.

Up to 50 characters including 0 to 9 in both small and large formats, A to Z and - / $ & . , characters can be used.

The unit can be used on both plain and magnetic stripe cards including those with signature panels. It is ideal for personalising and enhancing the look of cards produced using a dye sublimation colour plastic card printer.


              26 Character Alphabet

              0-9 Large/Small Numeric

              55 Character Capacity Standard

              Expandable Upto 100 Characters

              1/7 & 1/10 inch Emboss Pitch

              Emboss Upto 5 Lines ABA


              250(W) x 350(D) x 125mm(H)

              Weight 9.5kg


              Patient Cards

              Cash Cards

              ID Cards

              Membership Cards

              Loyalty Cards

              Discount Cards


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