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Hardcover books and books printing is the ideal book style of many people pursuing collections of exquisite books. It has also become the promoting way of many merchants who utilizes the qualities of hardcover book printing technology, such as its collection value, visual beauty and so on, to promote their own products.
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Hereinafter we will shortly introduce several common forms of hardcover book:

several common forms of hardcover book:
I. Divided by the spine forms, there are square spine and round spine.

1. About square spine. It is thicker than the book core. Because of the folds of book core and the bands, the height of the spine is higher than the book core, which will become more obvious as the sheets increase. Therefore, the hardcover book with square spine should not be too thick and generally the spine being applicable should be within 20mm.

2. About round spine. Because the positions of the front and back sections are different, and the fold of the sections is a slight semicircle distributing on a cambered surface, its thickness is balanced. The welt top of the book core is corresponded to the convex circular of the spine, presenting a concave round. Thus thick books should better use round spine. The spine of round spine book becomes a circular arc form after the processing of rounding. Generally, its book core thickness should be that the string and the circular arc have an angle of 130°. Round spine can be also divided into round back without ridge (only with rounding and no backing ) and round back with ridge (with both rounding and backing, the height of the ridge generally is the same as the thickness of the cardboard of the slipcase).

II. Divided by the materials, there are the ridge surfaces with same materials and different materials.

1. Ridge surface with same materials, namely the spine and the covers are made by one same kind of materials. There are square ridge and round ridge. Hardcover fabric often uses paper, texture, paint paper, varnished cloth and so on, usually with a jacket. But there is one kind of book whose covers print with the title, design and others, pressed an papered on the cardboard. This kind are often in square spine with no jacket.

2. Ridge surface with different materials, namely the spine and the covers are made by different materials. It usually uses textures as spine and pastes papers on the cardboard as covers. This kind are often in round spine with no jacket.

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