Producing casebound books

Loop the thread around the thread of the previous signature each time the needle passes over a tape. This is doneto fasten all of the signatures together.

Repeat the procedure until all signatures are fastened together. Addtional thread may be tied to the original length of thread if required. Each time your thread exits at the right, be sure to tie the end of the thread securely to the previous signature.

Finally, remove the sewn signatures from the sewing frame. Cut both ends of each tape so that they extend approximately one inch on each side of the bound signatures.

Side-Sewing. Loose sheets of paper may be bound together by side sewing. Again, either hand or machine methods can be used.

For hand side-sewing, drill holes through the side of the assembled and jogged pages as shown in Figure 10-25. Use a 1/16" drill. Drill the holes as close to the back edge of the paper as possible and at least 1/2" from the top and bottom edge of the paper pile.

Holes are drilled along one edge of the assembled and jogged pages prior to side seeing.

once drilled, the paper pile can be sewn. Starting at one edge, pass the needle in and out through the drilled holes. Sew from one edge of the book to the other. Then return the needle and thread back thuough the holes to the starting point. Complete the process by tring the two ends of the thread together.

FORWARDING. The term forwarding describes a number of things to be done to a book before it can be enclosed in its cover. These operations include smashing, tipping, gluing, trimming, rounding and backing, and attaching super, headbands, and liner.

Smashing. Compressing the back edge of the book is called smashing. Smashingis done with a book press or vise.

Tipping. Endsheets are attached to the front of the first signature and to the back ofthe last signature by tipping, Figure 10-26. Anarrow band of glue is applied along the folded edge of each endsheet. The endsheets are then adhered to the first and last signatures. Tight contact is required.


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