Producing casebound books


Measure and mark lines for positioning three sewing tapes on the back of the signatures, Figure 10-21. ake each pair of Lines the same width as the sewing tape to be used.

A square is used to mark the back of the signatures. Sewing thread will later pass through holes cut along cach ofthese lines.

With a backsaw or a dovetail saw, cut into the back of the book. Carefully follow along the marded lines until the saw just begins to enter the inner part of each signature. Do not cut too deeply.

Remove the signatures from the vise and position them on a sewing frame. Then fasten three pieces of sewing tape to the frame with thumbtacks as shown in Figure 10-22.

Signatures are sewn in a sewing frame. Thumbtacks are used to hold the sewing tapes in position

Now remove all but the last signature from the frame and begin sewing the last signature. The movement of the needle in and out of the signature is shown in Figure 10-23. Pass the needle through the back of the signature and into the center fold at hole 1. Exit at hole 2 and enter again at hole 3. Exit at hole 4 and enter at hole 5. Repeat this again at holes 6 and 7. The needle and thread finally exit hte signature at hole 8.

The sewing needle enters the signature at hole 1 and exits at hole 8 after passing over thetapes that are positioned between holes 2 and 3, 4 and 5 and7.

Place the next-to-last signature on top of the signature already on the frame. Reverse the sewing procedure to pass the needle and thread back to the right side of the frame. This time, however when the needle exits alongside a tape, loop the thread around the thread of the previous signature before re-entering the signature being sewn. Looping fastens each signature to the previous one, Figure 10-24. Tie the two signatures together at the right end.


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