ROLAND 700 HiPrint

Technical Specification

Max. sheetformat (mm)
Standard format 740 x 1040
Special format 3B plus: 780 x 1050
Special format: 740 x 1050 Max.

Image area (mm)
Standard 715 x 1020
Special format 3B plus: 770 x 1030
Special format: 730 x 1030

Substrate thickness range (mm)
0.04 to 1

Features and Benefits

Simultaneous Plate Loading (SPL™) for significant reductions in make-ready time
Brand new ‘suction belt’ sheet-guiding technology
Increased maximum printing speed up to 17,000 sheets/h
New inkjet sheet numbering system for pinpoint accuracy in identifying errors
Optional InlineInspector and other integrated technologies
Optional Low Energy Curing (LEC) for faster job processing times and reduced energy usage
Optional Inline Foiling technology with indexing reduces material waste by up to 60%

The ROLAND 700 HiPrint handles stock thicknesses from 0.04 mm upto 1 mm as well as PVC foil, making it a genuinely versatile press for every substrate from papers to packaging, cartons and plastics. With inline coating and quality control options and configurable with up to 12 printing units, straight or perfecting, the ROLAND 700 HiPrint is suitable for a diverse array of print applications.

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