Before deliver Photoshop to printing, you shall:

1. Ensure that the precision is 300dpi/pixel/inch.

2. Ensure that the picture mode is CMYK.

3. Ensure that there is no variedness in the solid under-color (e.g. pure yellow, pure black etc.)

4. File format is recommended to be PSD before layer-merging.

5. Better not to complete word caption in Photoshop, for word would become fuzzy after being converted into picture format. Photoshop operation only covers image in most cases, so it is recommended to solve image, figure and word by different software if one printing page is to be done. For images to be printed, focus shall be put on their resolution and dimension. The usually applied calculation formula is: resolution=screen frequency*(1.5-2). Color mode of color image shall use CMYK. Monochrome image, without specific demand, shall apply gray scale mode. For line art images which must be in the raster form, such as bar code, the resolution is generally not lower than 1200dpi and the color mode shall be binary(bitmap). Dot matching is another important point affecting image quality. The CMYK dot matching of contrast, dot size and the balance data of gray must fit the post-order printing technology. For example: in case of using offset paper, the dot contrast is usually between 5%~85%, and between 2%~98% in case of using chrome paper.

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