Trouble Shooting for Pasting Packages

The following troubles usually arise in the process of pasting product packages: too much glue leads to over-brimming, which spoils the appearances of product. Meanwhile, packages are prone to sticking to each other. In this case, keep the packages to dry after pasting for 2-5 minutes, and press after the glue is dried to a proper extent. If the glue is too thin and be over-dried, the adhesiveness would be affected. It could even cause paste failure. In this case, read the manual and consult the manufacturer.Products being pasted with little or nil pressing would separate from each other. Press products with big rigidity at least half an hour. Because many adhesive substances are contact-type, two pasted sides must be pressed fully. If the initial tack force is weaker than the product’s resilience, the product would separate from each other. Therefore, 0.5 hour of pressing is needed for general products.In order to reduce cost of raw material, some manufacturers use a mix of laminated adhesive and milk-white glue to paste packages, or use a large amount of water to dilute adhesive, which damages the tack force. This is dangerous and violates the pasting principle. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users shall not use inferior glue to avoid economic loss.In cold winter, packages usually deglue, for some glue is vulnerable to low temperature. Under the temperature of 5℃, surface of glue would lose activity, which would lead to decrease or disappear of adhesiveness. In hot summer, pasted packages are also possible to deglue and spring away in warehouse or transporting carriage, which are mainly due to not good heat resistance capacity of the glue whose line softens and strength abates under 50—60℃. Therefore, The adhesiveness is satisfactory in the early phase after being pasted (usually being half a month). As time passes by, deglue would happen. This is generally due to bad durability of the glue, most of which are added with some plasticizer. When time goes by, the plasticizer would move into paper base, hardening and crisping glue line and finally cause deglue. Besides, the glue contains large amount of unsaturated link, which damages the durability of product, make the glue film to be crisp and the product to deglue.When the product is stored in humid warehouse for a longtime, not only its humidity would exceed the standard, also deglue would happen. The product absorbs moisture, plus bad moisture-resistance of the glue, the glue line is easy to deglue.

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