Paper bag printing, Paper bag design

Paper bag packing not only provide convenience shoppers and can take the opportunity once again to promote their brand.
The paper bag will be designed and attractive, even if the paper bag is printed on eye-catching trademarks or advertising, the customer will be glad to re-use, this paper bag has become the most efficient and affordable, one of advertising media. paper bag Design graphic design stick to one pattern, in modern packaging design, often do not use realistic tactics, while the use of point, line, surface with the freedom of form, in many fashionable packaging design is widely used.
Paper bag printing is designed to act is to hand goods the reasonable pursuit of its functions, while transmission of information or display of goods of a corporate image or display of a personality culture. For the bag's design requirements should be simple, to mention take strong, relatively low cost, design patterns should be the pursuit of novel, simple, reflect the free and avant-garde ideas and taking advantage of promotions, distribution, display various functions. With the protection, storage bag features is the visual image of mobile communication products one of the mediums.
Packaging requirements of paper bag mainly in two aspects: 1, the product itself has a relatively-grade and high-quality, we have less demanding. 2, on the product itself and its image in the publicity should be given a clear bag of goods to corporate culture, the pursuit of quality.
General requirements for the design simple and generous paper bag, paper bag design printing process generally positive the company's logo and company name of the main, or the combined company's operating philosophy, the design should not be too complex, can deepen the company or product to consumers the impression was good publicity effects, paper bag Design printed right to expand sales, establish brand names, to stimulate the desire to enhance their competitiveness to a significant extent. paper bag Design for printing, as the premise of the strategy, establishing a more corporate image should not be overlooked an important role. Constitute the basis for the design, form is very important to grasp the psychological, from the visual psychology, the People grow tired of monotony in the form of a uniform, the pursuit of diversity change, paper bag Design printed to reflect the company's distinctive characteristics.

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