Producing casebound books

Positioning the binder's board and paper liner on the back of the binding cloth.

With a brush and bookbinding paste, coat the back of the book cloth. Cover the entire surface evenly. Don not leave any lumps of paste. Now carefully position the boards and paper liner on the book cloth. Then turn the book cloth over and squeeze out any excess paste from between the cloth and binder's boards. With a bone folder, press from the center to the outer edges of the boards.

Folding the Book Cloth. Fold the binding cloth up over the edges of the binder's board to complete the case. First fold a comer of the book cloth up over one comer of the binder's board. Then fold the two adjacent sides of the cloth over the board. Use a bone foler to stretch the cloth tightly over the edge of the binder's board. Repeat this procedure at each of the other comers complete the case.

The comers you have just made are called library comers. Although capable of withstanding considerable abuse, library comers are bulky. Nicked comers are less bulky than library comers. They are formed by cutting away the comers of the book cloth before folding, Figure 10-31. Leave approximately 3/8" of cloth opposite each corner of the binder's board. Continue folding as for libray corners.

Trim each comer of the binding cloth at a 45-degree anglewhen making a nicked comer.

CASING-IN. Handing the book in case is called casing-in can be done by and or by machine.

To hang a book by hand, insert a piece of waxed paper between each of the endsheets. The waxed paper shoulk extend beyond the edges of the book. Waxed paper prevents the endsheets from sticking together when the book is pasted into its case.

Apply paste to the super, tapes, and endsheet located at the front of the book. Position the book within the case, pasted side up, and close the front cover Then turn the book over, open the back cover and apply paste to the super, tapes, and back endsheet. Now close the back cover. Be sure the book is pressed up against the back of the case and in its proper position. Readjust the position of the book if necessary.

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