Producing casebound books

 The parts of a book minus its cover

Headbands may also be glued to the back of the book. They are used to decorate rather than add strength to the bound material. Each piece of headband should equal the thickness of the back. Position the headbands so that the decorative portion faces the front edge of the book.

Kraft paper is glued over the super and headbands to finish off the back of the book. This piece ofpaper is called a liner.

CASEMAKING. The case is the cover of a hardbound book. It consists of two Pieces of binder's board and strip of heavy paper that have been glued to a piece of binding cloth.

Casemaking, making the case, can be done by machine or hand. Casemaking by hand involves cutting the materials to size, gluing the binder's board and paper to the binding cloth, and folding the cloth to cover the edges of the binder's board.

Cutting Materials to Size. Two pieces ofbinder's board are required. The length of each should equal the height of the book plus the desired cover overhang. Generally, the cover will overhang each edge of the book by 1/8 inch.

The width of binder's board is measured from the hinge that was formed along the back edge of the book, by backing, to its front edge. Be sure to add 1/8 inch to this measurement to provide the needed overhang.

The size of the heavy paper used to line the back of the case is equal to the measurements across the back of the book.

Book cloth dimensions are determined by measuring. The height of the cloth should equal the height of the binder's board plus two inches. The width of the cloth is equal to the combined widths of the two pieces of binder's board, plus two inches, plus the width around the back of the book from hinge to hinge.

Gluing Materials in Positon. Place the binder's boards paper liner on the back of the binding cloth as shown in Figure 10-30. Outline the binder's boards and paper liner with a pencil to mark their exact locations. Then remove the binder's boards and paper liner from the book cloth.

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